destination barrington coast


The challenge

Barrington Coast in NSW had rebranded and needed to launch itself into the minds and on the travel lists of its target audiences and encourage more visitors to the region.

The solution

The brand positioning for Barrington Coast is centred on ‘Blaze your own trail’. Its brand personality traits are, self-effacing, free spirited, courageous and grounded with not taking life too seriously.

When most destinations are leading their hero messages with ‘Explore’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Experience’ – it was time to shake things up to really connect with an audience.

Insights into the target audience’s world revealed, it’s ruled by deadlines, social postings, 'judgey' rules and keeping up with life. Fred&Co’s idea disrupted this trance and suggested the audience to give themselves ‘permission’ to break their routine.

Fred&Co created the campaign to be honest and unapologetic in its realness (some people even feed back and told us so!)

We were saying, ‘Who cares what anyone thinks about what you like to do on a holiday?’ If that’s eating 3 dozen oysters for lunch – do it. If it’s hanging with your besties leaving your partners back home – do it. If it’s holidaying mid-week – do it.  We wanted the audience to visit the region, be themselves, let loose and have no regrets of leaving stuff and people back home – just do whatever it takes to feel recharged.

Fred&Co partnered with DMS and Leonards to deliver the campaign.


From our hero brand story, we created a series of personalised chapters that showcased destination experiences.


Each story was told across OOH and digital channels targeting audiences based on the brand’s personas.


Each ‘experience’ chapter was targeted to our audience segments and tested for its effectiveness to optimise media spend and ROI.


A campaign microsite promoted experiences, special offers and travel planning guides via its blog.


A visitor experiences blog was curated to mirror our stories which helped boost SEO, trip planning and destination awareness.


Our ‘Whatever it takes’ stories (especially the cheeky ones) became conversations in BC’s socials boosting website traffic and engagement rates.


We grew the visitor database with online sign-ups and kicked-off a series of ‘Curiosity‘ emails of experiences, offers and special events which will continue after the paid campaign to drive visitation.