DMS/Mudgee region

By tapping into pain points about expats having visitors stay in their homes over Christmas, we set out to encourage them to take a short break in the Mudgee region.

​The challenge

DMS and the Mudgee region were looking for a way to encourage international expats living in Sydney to send their overseas guests out to experience the region on a short break.


Our key challenge was to change the expat’s behavioral thinking convincing them to send their guests to the Mudgee region instead of Hunter Valley and Sydney experiences.


We focussed on one of the key emotional pain points of a host. And that is, after a while, having guests can encroach on your living space and finding idea of what to do with them. E.g.

• “What am I going to do with them while they are here in Sydney”

• “Oh my god they are staying with me for three weeks! Where am I going to send them to get them out of my place?”

• “I want to surprise my visitors and find a destination that I can brag about and so can they after their trip.”


Creative solution

Fred&Co developed a direct response creative platform that tapped into the heart of the pain points.


The first idea was the ultimate bucket list to get visitors from out under the host’s feet. It was designed to spark inspiration of an Australian experience with a cheeky play on the suggestion of going out to the Mudgee region to do it.


Whilst the second idea was really niggling the key pain points of what visitors can be like. It spoke directly to expat hosts about the ‘burden’ of friends and family when they stay for a while.


The creative platform allowed for full campaign development. The series of ads and content aimed to highlight all that the Mudgee region has to offer - from food and drink to nature and charming villages. It also tapped into the ever-growing trend of experiencing a destination like a local, showcasing the authenticity of the experiences on offer and the destination.


These series of experiences formed short break itineraries for overseas visitors to try which could be found on the Visit Mudgee region website.


The campaign platform extended out to online ads, Facebook, Instagram and earned media.

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Retargetting MREC ad
Retargetting MREC ad


Idea 1 Rotating MREC web ads

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Idea 2 Rotating MREC web ads

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Media got onto the 'pain point' bandwagon too

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