skybuys duty free


The challenge

SkyBuys is a new tech start-up based in Sydney. Their core business is selling duty free via a handy online app. They’re an innovation in the marketplace, as their app offers a simple and convenient shopping service where a customer can shop duty free anywhere – even on a plane – and collect their purchases at the gate – either on departure or arrival.

The solution

Fred&Co was engaged to develop a new brand positioning and brand story for the business to align with SkyBuys’ vision of becoming a professional luxury e-tailer.

We kicked off the branding process by conducting a workshop with its team to gain key insights, understand the business vision, create personas and develop the brand positioning essence.

The SkyBuys new challenger brand story we created centred on… ‘Luxury isn’t about standing in a queue. Treat yourself to experience the simple and contactless way to shop for the duty free and tax-free luxuries you love wherever you are and travel to.’ A tagline was written to reflect this and promote ‘touchless shopping’.

This set SkyBuys apart from the traditional ‘bricks’n mortar’ duty free stores, as they were all about queues for purchases and payments.

We gave the new brand story some ‘swagger’ and recommend it be told through stylish typography and high-fashion photography to inspire the ‘treat yourself with luxury purchases’. This was also designed attract the audience and disrupt the boring status quo of ‘product-driven’ duty free providers.


Luxe-style photography with product and travel destination inspiration breaks the trance of travellers who are used to seeing duty-free offer-retail ads.


The simplicity of design and messaging allows the brand story to be clearly seen.


A simplified design of the App’s entry portal with special offers was recommended to align with the new brand story.


New icons which depicted an airliner’s windows and copy told the features/benefits story in a simple format.