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We created a brand platform and lead generation campaign using testimonials to help Australians have a financial future that's a little less ordinary.

​The challenge

The financial services industry has gone through a tumultuous time with the Royal Commission. Trust is at an all-time low with the major finance and bank brands. One of Stonehouse Group's Partners (Martin Baker) on the Sunshine Coast, saw a unique opportunity to grow his business.


Creative solution

When trust is low, there's no better strategy than telling the truth. Using the client's concept of testimonials, we launched a series of eDMs highlighting his successes (from his client's point of view) as well as a series of questions which challenged the status quo of a prospect's financial position.

We developed a brand platform of "Create a financial future that's a little less ordinary".

What's more, we also created an eDM template, two gender specific landing pages, segmented data, managed the email distribution process and campaign tracking. The campaign explains the uniqueness of Martin's techniques to grow superannuation through strategic equity investing and encourage prospects to chat with Martin about their financial future.


The campaign has recently launched and is ongoing so stay tuned about its results.

Testimonial lead gen eDM

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Gender specific landing pages