workhorse saddle chair

We created the brand messaging platform to help the world sit better and experience the health benefits of it.

​The challenge

The Workhorse Saddle Chair is an innovative chair designed to allow the body to sit in its natural position. Converge Marketing engaged Fred&Co to create a brand messaging platform, brochure and video to help launch the product on an international Kickstarter campaign.


Creative solution

We're sitting up to 12 hours a day which is causing a myriad of health related issues from back pain to more serious ailments. We took this health insight and came up with the positioning of "Quit the way you sit".

Talking about health can get complicated. That's why we kept things simple - much like the chair itself. We focussed on the key health issues of sitting, and how the Workhorse Saddle Chair can help with its 'body-posture intelligence'.

What's more, we also told the fascinating story of David France's passion behind his product's development and mission to help solve the world of health issues caused by bad sitting habits.


In conjunction with an integrated campaign, our brand platform helped Converge Marketing triple their original order target in just two weeks!

Click the image to watch the product and Kickstarter campaign video