Fred&Co Digital Brisbane 3 rules of Story Telling

3 rules for brand story telling

Story telling is great way to get your message across and for content. Here’s a guy that’s helping change the perception of a city and telling its stories.

I caught Aaron on ABC News Breakfast and thought what a great idea to help change the perceptions of this once great city to help rebuild it, as well as telling the stories of the people who live it.

Here are three rules to follow to make sure your story is memorable to your audience and generates the response you’re after.

1. Push your story out there

Telling a story through written or video content is a powerful way to change perceptions, buyer behaviour and generate leads for your sales funnel.

Just because you have a story and post it online, don’t let it sit there. It won’t work in isolation.

You need a plan to push your story out to your audience, whether that be posting it online, promoting the post, adding it to e-newsletters or running a niche paid social campaign to drive traffic to your posting.

2. Link your story narrative

Most importantly your story should always link back to your brand, product or service positioning. If you don’t get the narrative right for your audience, again you may as well have kept your dollars in your wallet.

3. Keep it I.R.S.

Keep your story interesting, relevant and short.

In today’s world of swiping left or right and looking at images, if it’s not creatively engaging, punchy, and around 3 mins or less watching with subtitles, it’s a waste of time and money producing it.

You’re better off to have a few short stories in a series. Leave the documentaries to the TV stations.

You can listen to Aaron’s interview here.