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Here at Fred&Co, we solve your brand and business challenge with critical thinking methods. It gives you the edge, which is how we deliver a different and simpler strategy with creative that shows a clear pathway ahead to change audience behaviour in your favour. Below are just some of our fredthink hero principles we unashamedly follow.

sugar hits don’t change


You can’t run a marathon on a donut. Brands and campaigns need a strategically strong and consistent message of difference over time to drive lasting behavioural change. Once we’ve created this for you, we launch the right messages, to the right audiences, with the right tactics to drive leads.

creating your brand


Why do we click with some people and not others? Prospects and customers are real people. They have real pain points and real happy points. We dig deep and tap into their emotional and rational buttons (because it’s not about you but them) so you ’click’ with them. This changes behaviour in your favour all along your sales funnel.

disruptive snaps the


The human mind programs habits forming repetitive behavioural patterns. Our disruptive strategies and creativity (founded on insights), bind together to snap people out of their habitual trance and choose you. Current behavioural patterns are re-shaped with new ones by what you look like, what you say and where you say it.

alice in


What’s on your business’ surface isn’t usually the full story. Diving down into dataland is fun, weird and fascinating. We look at data for insights that come in many forms, like – user experiences, customer feedback, industry trends, policy changes etc. to help achieve positive change for your business and optimise ROI.

upchange brand stories


Up the ante to change behaviour – or as we call it ‘Upchange’. We create the narrative with an authentic brand story based on rational strategy for a better ROI. We ‘Upchange’ your core message, chunk it down into chapters, then into reader-friendly bites to insert it across all your comms channels – ie. socials, ads, POS, emails, blogs, website etc.

be remarkable in their


Different makes you more remarkable and more memorable. In a world of mass information intrusion, you need to stand out. An average person living today processes as much as 74 GB in information a day (that’s as much as watching 16 movies). Our strategic and creative thinking target’s your audience’s selective attention so they see, hear and feel your message to remember it over others.

what to do


Now you’ve made it this far, why not get us to apply fredthink to your business?