caroline jean-baptiste



Caroline Jean-Baptiste is not your normal mortgage broker. Her brief to us was to revamp her personal brand to position her as the unique expert to help women into home ownership, be financially independent and promote her book, Buy That House and courses. Our solution was to create a brand story based on Caroline’s ‘feminine kickass attitude’ and connect with women on an emotional level.

A new logo with a french-style script reflects Caroline as a person and stamps ownership of empowering women to achieve home ownership.

Caroline had her set of values that we brought to life in her new brand to ensure it always stays authentic across all mediums.

Caroline’s business cards share the brand’s values and mission to help women into home ownership.

Sophisticated shades of pink and French blues provide the feminine touch in the brand’s colour palette which form part of the brand’s juxtaposition against the bold to-the-point content tone.

Personal and conversational headlines in Caroline’s own tone of voice, bring the ‘kickass’ and ‘honest truth’ uniqueness to the brand story engagement.

Real issues that women face tell the brand story to help change attitudinal behaviour towards home ownership.

The brand’s imagery focuses on women living an empowered, confident life in their new home.

Presentation slides continue the story highlighting the brand values and ‘kickass’ reminders.