early bird cafe charity



The Early Bird Cafe charity in Sydney’s CBD were looking to create a new brand and website which would accept online donations and promote its cause. The brand story strategy we created was – ‘Make a REAL difference by starting someone’s day with hearty goodness by donating meals at brekky.’ Fred&Co were super happy to work on the pro bono project and help give back to the community.


EBCs new logo, tagline and colour palette is all about a fresh day’s start and hope. The colour palette also helps EBC stand out from other charities. EBC’s fried egg icon makes the charity synonoymous with serving brekky.


Fred&Co curated a new brand story which showcases why EBC does what it does every morning.


A new set of brand guidelines ensure the EBC brand always looks its best. The new brand tone used in conversations and online content for EBC reflects the charity’s values. The ‘candy stripe’ adds a happy design element and also ensure EBC look different to other charities.


A duotone treatment allows the images to be secondary so the reader can focus on the website’s content. Plus it makes EBC look different from the other charities who use colour images.


A new website heroes what EBC offers, explains its impact and also accepts online meal donations. To set EBC apart from other charities, the website hero image is a bacon and egg brekky roll and there’s also a CTA to donate.


Infographics on the website play an important role in showing donors where their money and donated goods go as well as showcasing EBC’s impact. The website also promotes the charity’s generous supporters.


The website’s blog plays an important promotional role showcasing the impact of EBC’s support for its customers. 


Email templates were designed for donation drives and e-news content.


Infographics quickly highlight the impact of EBC’s support and are pushed out via the charity’s social channels.


Directional signage plays an important role in guiding customers to brekky.


T-shirt and aprons help identify EBC’s volunteers. Each have a friendly a good start message.


Donated branded coffee cups help get the EBC brand story out to Sydney CBD office workers and help drive donations.


When I asked David to help us create a new logo and website for the Early Bird Café, we weren’t expecting what he gave us. He challenged our thinking and delivered more than a logo and a website. He’s given us a professional brand that captures the positivity and real difference we’re making with Sydney’s CBD disadvantaged in their morning brekky. His generous amounts of time and creativity has helped ensure we stand out from all other Sydney charities.

Thomas Walsh – Chairman, City Community Care Inc