ecotourism australia



Ecotourism Australia (EA) is a not for profit, internationally recognized, membership-based organisation inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. After 30 years of successful operations, EA were seeking to review their strategic business positioning and brand identity to ensure it remained as the key authority of its domain. Fred&Co teamed up with one of Australia’s leading tourism consultants, The Destination Marketing Store (DMS) to jointly develop EA’s new brand positioning which is – EA is the next generation global thought leader for Ecotourism. With the strategic direction rubber-stamped, Fred&Co developed a completely new brand identity for EA.

The anchor for EA’s family of new logos is the EA ‘Ripple’. Its organic outward flowing structure visually represents EA’s purpose of the ripple-effect of ‘doing-good’ and ‘Travel for good’. As any ripple moves out from its starting point, it magnifies in energy and momentum, changing the equilibrium. As leaders in eco and nature based tourism, EA’s purpose shares these same dynamics to help create positive change. 

A strong uppercase yet elegant typeface was selected to portray EA’s ecotourism authority using all caps. A new tagline was written to align with the new EA brand positioning.

Over 30 years, there had been around 19 logos designed for each of the certification programs. A key challenge of the brief was to centralise a design whilst still maintaining seperate identities for the programs.

Fred&Co crafted a new brand manifesto which inspires EA’s mantra of ‘Travel for good’.

We evolved and added new values to align with EA’s updated strategic positioning.

Key to the new brand design is a watermarked ‘ECO’. It allows EA to stamp ownership on its ecotourism thought leadership territory aligning the creative to the brand positioning.

Brand guidelines and an EA Member Brand Toolkit were created to ensure the new brand was implemented correctly.

New colour palettes were formulated to reflect each of the three program identities.

53 design templates were created to be mixed and matched to create brochures, flyers, reports and e-books. We recommended a new style of imagery to reflect EA’s  thought leadership positioning of stunning landscapes, wildlife-in-action and inspiring ecotourism experiences.

Fro e-books, reports and brochures, a new brand tone of voice was recommended which focusses on being inspiring, informative and helpful and jargon-free. Headlines and content were reformatted so readers can easily take out the key points thanks to shorter paragraphs, tables and infographics.

Powerpoint templates were designed to allow for mixing and matching to create attention grabbing presentations. 

A new ‘EcoNews’ e-news masthead and logo along with email templates, were designed to allow for content heavy emails to be easily read. 

Email templates for short and single message content were also designed.

Banners hero inspiring ecotourism imagery and simplify EA’s brand messaging.

New stationery reflects the simplicity of the brand and promotes the brand manifesto on EA’s business cards.

The EA certification logos were designed in mind for member signage applications. 

New EA certification and awards were designed for member certificates.

Here ate few examples of how Fred&Co transformed the EA brand to future proof it.