education perfect teaching support


The challenge

Education Perfect wanted to grow its online teacher and student aid support programs.

The solution

To drive new business leads for Education Perfect’s teacher and student digital teaching aids, we disrupted teachers by hitting their nerves with annoying every day mistakes that students make.

How did we do it? A teacher’s training requires them to always teach what’s correct. Whenever they see an error, they react automatically to correct the mistake. It’s in their DNA to do it.

Our idea communicated a series of incorrect subject matter headlines to catch the eyes of teachers. We then highlighted the fact that Education Perfect can support them and their students to improve their NAPLAN performance. We designed a new brand story design style which focussed simple messaging, bold colours and icons.

After the NAPLAN promotion, we rolled the campaign out to teacher conferences/events and to current teachers using the education support tools to boost engagement rates of the subject tools.


Bold and simple creative for different subject matters gave our campaign a fun edge to ensure it stood out and caught teachers’ eyes.


The campaign targeted teachers via paid social and display digital media placements.


Emails targeted current users of the education support tools and those who had lapsed using the programs. Lapsed users were given an offer to come back and to see the value they had been missing and to renew their user membership.


We extended the new brand story out to teacher conferences with display posters messages highlighting the tool’s benefits.


The second phase of the campaign was engaging teachers who have access to the EP tools. Our humorous ‘spot the mistake’ headlines cut-through the usual ‘text only’ emails to promote the benefits of each subject’s tools for student and teachers.