essential tech



Brisbane based Essential Tech were looking to generate awareness and new business leads for their cyber security package solution. Cyber-crims are smart but there are ways to outsmart them. Our idea was all about being smarter than cyber-crims. The key message was for the audience to evolve to a more secure way to protect their business, client and customer data – and that way is being ‘outsmarter’ by connecting with the experts at Essential Tech. 

We created our outsmarter characters to ensure the campaign stood out asn was more memorable  from traditional IT campaigns. As humans evolved and became smarter (well some have – not all) their brains got larger. We used this as a visual analogy of when one is ‘outsmarter’, then they’re brainier and thus have bigger heads to accommodate their smarter brains to outsmart the cybercrims – hence ‘Be the outsmarter.’

Each character represented the targetted lead gen segment – law, health, accountancy and small business. 

To drive leads and awareness of the serious cyber threats to business data, four e-books were written and created for each segment to download.

Segment ads were optimised across, Google SEM, Facebook and Linkedin for the e-book downloads.

We also activated remarketing tactics with two generous offers across the segments. 

Emails targetted warm leads and were launched with the e-book version and followed up with the campaign offers.

Follow-up emails promoted the campaign offers.

Lead gen traffic from the ads and emails were directed to their own segmented landing pages.

E-book download landing pages.

Offer consulting booking landing pages.



From the 8 week campaign, the ‘Outsmarter’ creative strategy helped achieve:

Over 6300 user visits of the landing page

58 goal completions

a 37% decrease in the Google and Facebook Ads cost-per-click – compared to IT industry averages