paddocks and plates



Food is something we take for granted but with a rising population and the effects of climate change, food security is a critical issue we all need to be aware of. Fred&Co took the initiative and went about to raise awareness of it. We created the Paddocks & Plates cause campaign. At the heart of it is an online platform which raises awareness and engages Australians by focusing on the importance of farmers and food producers.

Australian farmers and food producers have a lot to proudly crow about with their importance of feeding the nation and the world so it was only fitting to have a rooster as the mascot for the Paddocks & Plates brand.

A modern logo reflects the future thinking of the Paddocks & Plates brand and its content.

Food production is an authentic and diverse profession which we reflected in images of food producers.

We eat with our eyes so stunning food visuals showcased and created food envy of Australia’s best produce, meals and drinks.

A new website anchors online content to tell the Paddocks & Plates story.

The website design was essential to have an easy-to-view UX to engage readers.

Content was set into chapters from the farm paddock to the dinner plate.

Simple UX sign posting allowed for easy navigation.

Food and drink production key facts were presented in ‘bite-size’ pieces to tell the Paddocks & Plates story quickly but with impact.

The website included educational tools such as a food calendar so users good enjoy produce at its best.

The Paddocks & Plates blog showcases food producers, recipes and important food production issues.

Blog content got to the heart of food production issues and producers.