paddocks & plates

We created a social campaign with social engagement at its heart to drive awareness.

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Food is something we take for granted but with a rising population and the effects of climate change, food security is a critical issue we all need to be aware of. Fred&co took the initiative and went about to raise awareness of it.

We created the Paddocks & Plates cause campaign. At he heart of it is an online platform which raises awareness and engages Australians by focusing on the importance of farmers and food producers.

The platform has two core components. A series of web pages highlight important food and financial facts about production and consumption in easily digestible content. Whilst a blog focuses on farmers, food products, producer profiles and news content. It also uses recipes to inspire readers to get out there and cook with great quality Australian produce.

We eat with our eyes. That’s why we used a stunning set of food visuals to showcase and create food envy, for Australia’s best food produce and meals.

​To give an identity to the cause campaign, fred&co designed the logo, website UX and design. We also manage the site’s content and social feeds.

​This is just the first phase of the campaign with more to roll out progressively.