sound garage



Sound Garage is one of Brisbane’s leading car audio sound specialists and were looking for serious business growth. After running a strategic planning workshop with them, we recommended they up-change the retail segment narrative to be more than selling products. The new brand strategy of ‘Kit out your vehicle with the magic of where science meets passion’ is driven by strengths of the Sound Garage team and the insights that customers’ cars mean a lot to them, whether it’s for work, play or their hobby, they want to the next level of sound product and service.

We gave the new brand story serious street cred with emotional headlines, benefit driven copy and imagery that connected with passionate car lovers.

The new brand platform allowed us to tell different story chapters to key market segments to increase engagement and drive more relevant product sales in each category.

By segmenting messaging, it also showed customers that Sound Garage was the next level of service as it understood their personalised needs and wasn’t a retail store driven by price and ‘shoving products at customers’. 

The brand story translated easily to promote products for more rational engagement further down the sales funnel.

New simplified UX and website design, focussed on ‘vehicle eye candy’ and the segment brand stories.

The design’s use of black and white gives a premium look and tech-edge vibe of where ‘magic, science and passion’ meet compared to competitors’ websites.

The new segment pages showcased product bundling and made it easier for customers to know what they needed to each product segment sales.

Product category and product pages’ UX were designed for easy navigation and readability across device platforms to educate buyers and boost sales conversions. 

We took the Sound Garage brand story next-level from its competitors by telling the ‘science of sound story’ of the team’s expertise and passion that makes pure sound magic for ‘your ears only’.