spare harvest



Spare Harvest is devoted to increasing sustainability by reducing wastage in communities. It joins like-minded people to connect and share, trade or sell locally/home produced food and garden items in Australia and across the world. The business only had a logo and an outdated website. Fred&Co created a new brand style of colours, icons, photographic imagery and copy tone to take Spare Harvest’s communication and awareness to the next level. Fred&Co also designed and built their new website which integrated the Spare Harvest marketplace platform.

Fred&Co Web Design Spare Harvest

We used ‘The joy of sharing’ as the key brand story platform to create chapters of Spare Harvest’s benefits.

Sharing imagery quickly told the brand story with call-to-action headlines to educate and drive use of the Spare Harvest marketplace as well as promote its community sustainability messages.

A key part of the brand story was about connecting like-minded people together to create more social and waste reducing communities.

Infographic billboards told the Spare Harvest story quickly and easily.

Bespoke infographics were also used to easily educate the often complex story of sustainability and the key issues of wastage.

A new website told the Spare Harvest story with a professional but human touch to give it the thought-leadership status in the conversation about wastage and sustainability.

Simple UX, content, infographics and visuals focussed on positive solutions to reduce wastage rather than scaring people with wastage doom and gloom.

An e-book targeted businesses and organisations to be part of the Spare Harvest movement and how by connecting people can result in more social and better workplaces whilst reducing wastage.

Banners of the sharing key visuals ensured the Spare Harvest brand story attracted attention.