star express cleaning



Star Express Cleaning is a Brisbane based company that was chasing ambitious new business growth. One of the key issues was that its owner had “fallen out of love with her business”. Fred&Co ran a ‘deep dive’ strategy workshop to set a bold new plan in place. We created a brand platform of ‘a cleaner like no other’ and designed a new brand identity, website and lead gen campaign that looked like no other cleaning company. Not only did we smash the client’s goals, the new brand made our client fall back in love with her business.

Fred&Co Web Design Advertising Star Express

To reflect the new brand story, the old star Express logo had a modern makeover and the tagline was added.

A brand manifesto became the guiding light for the business to achieve its vision.

A new set of brand guidelines ensured everyone staged on the same brand page visually.

The company’s business cards reflected the friendly nature of Amanda’s personality.

The brand story was told through a series of pain and happy points for commercial. NDIS and home cleaning messages.

A new SEO optimised website looked like no other cleaning company site which anchored the business online and captured leads.

Home page images were swapped in and out depending on the business growth segments targeted.

SEO keywords throughout the site rapidly boosted rankings whilst the site’s UX was all about simplicity whilst still maintaining content depth and details.

A new blog promoted content about what to look for in cleaner and challenged cleaning paradigms and myths.

With the new brand and website live, we kicked started an integrated online lead gen campaign. Ad testing and weekly reporting optimised the media investment.

Sponsored content ads, paid SEM and remarketing drove leads. At one stage we had to turn the campaign off as Star Express were getting overloaded with enquiries – not bad since they had never advertised online before.

As part of the campaign’s switch messaging to a ‘cleaner like no other’, we challenged the status quo with an e-book download for prospective clients to check if their current cleaner is up to scratch.

Even display banners continued to set the challenger brand story apart from other cleaning companies.



We exceeded our client’s objectives. At one stage we had to turn off the campaign as they were getting too many leads. What was really important too was that the new brand made Amanda fall back in love with her business.

In just 8 months we achieved:

  • Over 550 online leads captured – that’s 68/mth

  • Website goal completions were 435 – that’s 54/mth

  • A SEO ranking of No.2 (from a zero starting point with the new website)

  • Revenue generation was 45% above the set target