wanderlust australia tours campaign


The challenge

There’s nothing like the challenge of launching a new business – let alone doing it during a pandemic, state border closures and general economic uncertainty. Seeing the opportunities amongst the adversities, Fred&Co planned a strategy and creative campaign to promote Wanderlust Australia’s new coach tours.

The solution

Using key insights in the 55+ travellers audience, we recommend an integrated mix of paid search, display and sponsored online ads which told the new Wanderlust Australia brand story of ‘Explore like a local’.

To gain traction in our lead gen, our visual ads did the heavy lifting and were underpinned with a comprehensive segmentation strategy. Search ads captured those who were proactively planning to take a coach tour. To sweeten the CTR and conversions, Early Bird Booking discounts and bonus hotel nights were included in the strategy too.

Being new in the market, testing for the campaign was critical to optimise our ROI. Weekly reporting allowed us to be agile in collective decision making with Wanderlust, especially since the business had never been seen or promoted before.

To drive enquiry conversions, we implement an email marketing program. A competition and website pop-ups captured names for our nurturing program which started with our destination blog content and then continued with news and offers.

The results

With zero awareness of the brand and tours in the market, we ran a three month campaign before Covid choked the tour industry. In that short time. the different type of brand story that we created and campaign strategy, out-performed many travel industry benchmarks. That’s pretty good for a brand no one had ever heard about.

  • Online social media ads – a 6% CTR ( travel industry ave is 0.9%)

  • Website 82% average month-on-month growth of users

  • Email campaigns had a 5.4% CTA ( 140% above travel industry ave is 2.24%) + CTR of 17.2% (industry ave is 1%)

  • Database lead gen growth was over 250 sign-ups for customer nurturing emails


We created a series of ‘Explore like a local’ ads which told our cheeky stories of local experiences to set Wanderlust Australia apart from the usual ‘cookie-cutter’ location focussed tours.


Being a new business and brand, we tested ads based on experience interests, destinations and offers which optimised the media spend and ROI.


Paid SEM, Facebook and Instagram were the key platforms used which allowed us to maximise budget investment and be agile with our ads by swapping in-and-out creative that was and wasn’t working.


We created a new prospect lead-gen database from scratch using a competition and website pop-ups for future email comms on-boarding tactics.


Emails were used to warm-lists and to the new Wanderlust prospect list which promoted offers, destinations, blog articles, brochure downloads and the competition.


Ads and emails linked to specific pages of either view tours by destinations or experiences to minimise bounce rates and encourage higher conversions.


Stunning photos, experiences and inspiring travel quotes on Instagram played a supporting act in getting the ‘wanderlust’ into our audience to follow the brand across Australia.