why x how consulting



Amanda Diaz was launching her new consulting business. Her brief to Fred&Co was ‘I don’t want to look like all the other consultants or business coaches’. We said, ‘No problem – we’ll do that.’ Fred&Co looked at Amanda’s own personality for inspiration. We created a brand look that reflected her own style of honesty, small business empathy and cliché-busting approach to small business consulting.

A new bold brand design reflected Amanda’s personality and broke free from the cliche business consulting looks. The brand positioning tagline of ‘Why X How = Unstoppable Business’ inspired business owners to get their ‘Why’ back to have a better and more successful business.

Business cards were used to continue telling the brand story of how WHYxHOW helps solve business challenges to create an unstoppable business.

Fred&Co worked with Amanda to create a series of business pain point nightmares. Each one is based on real insights that small businesses experience in losing their ‘Why’.

Because not all businesses suffer the same challenges, we created a series of postcards which tell the business nightmare stories and offers the solutions to get a business owner’s ‘Why’ back. 

The bold brand design has set the WHYxHOW’ consulting business well apart from competitors. Its content plays a key role in building empathy and rapport with the audience as well as boosting SEO.

Bold display banners also convey the brand story by reminding the audience of their nightmares of losing their ‘Why’.