4 things to consider in the shower

Building a brand and business with better advertising results isn’t that complicated. Take a look at what you need to ask yourself to generate new visitors, leads, customers and sales.

1. Value

Am I satisfied with the value I’m getting now from my advertising? Could I get more results if I do things differently? Can I generate more business and a better ROI?

2. Creativity

Can I tell our online story with a creative idea  that’s selling the ‘sizzle and not the steak’ of what I offer? Can I be creative with Facebook ads and video content to drive leads?

3. Data

Can I use data for better insights (without being creepy) to find more customers? Can I increase the yield and ROI that I get from our current customers and new ones?

3. Digital Love

Can I improve our online customer journey to make it simpler and convert with more digital love? 

See how it all works together

Watch how a creative idea that tapped into a need, with great product offers and regularly analysing the campaign’s response data, created $2.3m of sales in 9 months – all online.